Friday, April 24, 2009

"Queens Of Langkasuka"

Queen of Langkasuka

korang dh tgk ke citer nie?
Seeing Thai sex god, Ananda Everingham riding a giant stingray would most probably the only visual attraction in "Queens Of Langkasuka". Helmed by one of Thailand's leading directors, Nonzee Nimibutr who directed "Nang Nak", it was quite disappointing to watch this movie.

Taking place 400 years ago, the kingdom of Langkasuka was ruled by Queen Hijau (Jarunee Suksawat) and was heavily surrounded by enemies. The queen's only hope was to get powerful cannons from a Dutch weapon master. However, it turns disastrous when the cannons fall into the hands of pirates. Queen Hijau and her sisters, Biru (Jackie Apithananon) and Ungu (Anna Rees) tries to protect their kingdom from the enemies with help from Lim Kium (Jakkrit Phanichphatikram), the Dutchman's asistant, Jarang (Chupong Changprung), Langkasuka's great soldier and Pari (Ananda Everingham).

Unfortunately, this movie was hampered by stiff direction, overloaded with too many subplots and amateurish camerawork. The movie soon loses its focus and the duration of 121 minutes is just too long to bear through. All of the action scenes were choreographed well and the visual effects looked realistic enough, especially the scene of a giant whale and when Pari rides on the stingray.

However, praise goes to the fantastic cast ensemble. Leading man is played by Ananda Everingham ("Shutter") as Pari, a sea-gypsy sorcerer who is gifted in the ways of du lum - the force of the ocean. Clad in a loincloth and a bicep-baring vest, he acquits himself well in the multiple action scenes. The rest of the cast also did a great job in the movie and delivered their role very well.

"Queens Of Langkasuka" emerges as a fast-paced adventure where people who love to watch this kind of genre would probably appreciate it more than others.

3 org member.. telah berkata "i rekomen u .. gie laa tgk langkasuka.. serius shit.. pity PGL.. sbb citer nie lbh bagus dari segi jln citer.. dan segala2 nyer.."huhuhuhuhuhuhu...pada penggemar filem berbentuk epik.. eceh.. sejarah2 nie.. gie laa tgk.. kata diorg laaa.. so aku mmg nk gi layan laa movie nie..

notakakitanganidongbibirpipimater :- jgn nyeless arrhh awweks heroing dier ekekekee.... haku nyer sukerrr arrrrr ... sapa tengok tak suker tu korunk nyer fasaal laaaa...n to those shit yg gtl2 tinggal message gamfunk kt blog aku ni... well hingat2 sket arrrhhh.... ALLAH SWT melihat bukan dgn mata yaaaaa!!!!


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